Scrapper Program Details

13U and 14U Teams
*11 player maximum roster
*Game managed by Coach Merritt.
*Four weeks of practices/scrimmages in the fall
*Summer schedule will include league play (WBA/WYBL/State) and 5-6 tournaments. Most tournaments will be within daily driving distance. However, there may be one distance tournament as decided by the parent group and Coach Merritt
*In-season team and program practices
*Complete off-season training program

15U and 16U Teams
*12 player maximum roster
*Game managed by paid and experienced coaches.
*Six summer tournaments. (At least one tournament for the 16U will be out of state)
*In-season team practices
*Complete off-season training program

Off-Season Training
Our off-season training is designed to prepare our players to compete and succeed at the high school level and beyond. We teach our players advanced baseball mechanics for all areas of the game and then give them the supervised repetitions to help make those mechanics permanent. This training includes 1-on-1 lessons, video analysis, small group hitting sessions, position specific defensive skill sessions and team practices. For the 2022 season we will also be adding a complete off-season throwing program for our pitchers designed to increase strength, flexibility and mechanical consistency.

Rapsodo Hitting
Scrapper Baseball uses the Rapsodo hitting system as a training aid. This system gives our players instantaneous feedback on their swing results and allows us to track player progress as they work to improve. All of our players are given their own account and can review their swing sessions and videos online. Last off-season we averaged more than 500 recorded swings per player. The improvement driven through using Rapsodo was incredible and we look to even further maximize its potential in 2022.

2022 Scrapper Tryouts

Tryout for one of the most exciting baseball programs in southeast Wisconsin.

Upcoming Events

13U/14U Tryouts: July 28th from 6:00-8:00 at the Lake Country Sports Academy

15U/16U Tryouts: August 4th from 6:00-8:00 at the Lake Country Sports Academy